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Launch Officer Duties
1) The Launch Officer is responsible for the safe launch and monitoring the return of the crews.
2) Inform members the time and day of the launch and the nature of the outing - training, taster or social - and the forecast weather conditions. Ask Tim or Peter to send out the e-mail 24 hours or so before the outing. If conditions are changeable, tell members that a decision will be made at, say, 9am on the day of the outing.  
3) Assess conditions again at the slipway and cancel if necessary. Perhaps substitute a working party to clean out the boats!

Discuss with other experienced members whether it is safe to launch bearing in mind that the sea state will change when the tide turns and the strength of the crews. Remember the need to pull boats back up the slipway!
4) If there are not 5 or 10 rowers, do your best to handle the situation. One rower can go in the pilot seat. In clement weather, try three rowers and a cox: this works surprisingly well. Or some surplus rowers may like to go for coffee and come back in 40 minutes for the “second shift” of the outing.
5) Collect the £1-in-the-pot from each rower. If there is a lot to do, ask one of the rowers to do this for you. Pass the money on to the Treasurer afterwards.
6) Check that all crew wear life-jackets and that each boat has safety gear and the cox has a radio. Carry out a radio check just before or after the launch.
7) In the summer the launching trolleys have to be put back in the compound during the outing.
8) In good conditions suggest interesting routes for the outing such as over to the mainland.
9) In a taster session ensure that the newcomers fill in the Taster form; are given an introductory briefing; that their life jacket is adjusted and that they know how to inflate it; that there are sufficient experienced rowers in the boat; that the cox is aware of any health issues presented by the newcomers. Review their experience at the end of the outing.
10) Monitor the safe return of the crews either by being present at the slipway or by receiving a phone call from one of the crew.
11) If you are present, check the return of all the gear to the RAYC garage; that nothing is left in the compound and that the gate is shut.