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The modern Beaumaris Rowing Club was established in 2013 to promote the sport of Celtic rowing. Activities include rowing for fitness, touring and racing. Rowing is suitable for men and women of all ages and young people also.

There is long history of rowing on the Menai Strait. A Strait Regatta poster for 1830 offers races for six-oar boats and four-oar gigs. The Beaumaris Rowing Club was founded in 1873 and a copy its 1876 rulebook is preserved in the Anglesey County Archive.

The Celtic Longboat is a strict one-design based on the Irish Curragh. Longboat rowing clubs have been set up along the whole coast of Wales.

Welsh Sea Rowing administers Longboat rowing and organizes league and one-off special races. The WSR website has much useful information about the sport:

Beaumaris Rowing Club is affiliated to the WSR.

COMMITTEE for 2022

Chair               Becky Colley-Jones

Treasurer         Ingrid Pedersen
Secretary         Claude LeRoux


Secretary         Carol Hughes
Safety Officer   Richard Fisher   
Welfare Officer Emma Blackburn

Race Captain    Ron Kelsall         

Officer             Rachael Robins

House Officer    Fiona Roberts

Bosun              Challis Jones   

LAUNCH OFFICERS: John Williams, Peter Read, Sally Williams, Steve Watson-Jones, Richard Fisher, Allan Redfern, Rachael Robins, Jacques Sisson, John Bach Williams,
Ron Kelsall